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ΩJr.Net Consult­ancy

We help you build better (web) software. We improve usability, speed, and SEO, across the full stack of software development.

Software Consultancy

Find out how we help you build better web apps, web sites, and other software.

We focus on usability, speed, and ease of maintenance. We look at the full stack of hardware and software, at your people and business processes, and at your back-office integration. We can train your people to improve your products and user acceptance.

We are located in Howell, NJ, USA. Call +1 732 618 3219.

Software Products and Articles

We showcase the web apps, web games, libraries, and services we built for the public, and what we learned while developing software. We have a knowledge base and a portfolio. We discuss all kinds of technical programming language topics, including but not limited to javascript, html, css, php, xml, xslt, sql, vb, vba, vbscript, and We also discuss other topics like content strategy, testing and quality assurance, algorithm design and optimisation, etc.

Failure Notes - UI Horror and UX Horror

Hall of Shame for misbehaving web sites, applications, products, services, and their management. We showcase mistakes in web design, user interfaces, user experience, and usability. We hope that our webdesigning readers will benefit from understanding other people's mistakes.

Music Training and Compositions

Experienced multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and teacher A. E. Veltstra shares samples of his music, music theory, reviews, and thoughts.